1st International Congress of Business Sciences

'University and Businesses: marriage or divorce?'

30 - 31 October 2018


The University Institute of Maia - ISMAI will hold the 1st International Congress of Business Sciences on 30-31 October 2018. This Congress is the result of the joint organisation between ISMAI and the University of A Coruña and intends to bring together experts of recognised scientific merit at international level. The overall aim is to explore some of the latest developments in the field, discuss emerging issues and new challenges to the future of Higher Education, as well as the need for constant adaptation to an ever changing labour market.

The target audience includes academic and business professionals - researchers and teachers, educators and students, and managers and entrepreneurs –who share the same interests in promoting synergies between the University and the Labour Market.

During the two days of the congress, participants will address topics such as academic competences and labour market expectations; organisational behaviour; knowledge transfer; intellectual property protection; emerging businesses; innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability.